Story about meaning of sunflower


photo by Shigenobu Aoki (Maebashi Gunma)

It's said that the meaning of sunflower is "I want to watch only you".

That's why ----.

A daughter of the Sea God fell in unrequited love with Apollon.

But he already had the lover, so she was disappointed in love.

She heartsicked in tears, and looked up at the sky from the ground for nine days, where Apollon ran with his wagon of gold.

However, her love had not born fruit, and a poor daughter is said to have become a sunflower.

Do you understand why meaning of sunflower is "I want to watch only you. "

The sunflower with the meaning "I want to watch only you" is such a flower.

Appearance, blooming straight toward the sun, give us the image as the meaning of this flower "I want to watch only you".

The sunflower means "flower of the sun" and represents summer.

It's from North America.

Big, yellow petals of the sunflower surround the black circle to which a lot of seeds thickly attach.

Originally, sunflowers are tall,big plant.

So they may grow to 2 meters.

In recent years, however, new species are also sold in smaller sizes, so that we can grow on the porch.

Sunflowers were worshiped as symbolizing the great Sun God in the period of Inca civilization.

They say, sunflower were carved at any sacred places in temples, and priests also wore the costumes printed with sunflowers.